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Las Vegas Family Law Solutions is operated by McFarling Law Group, a family law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. formed in 2003 by Emily McFarling Esq. From its very inception, Family Law was the main focus of the firm.

McFarling Law Group has a reputation as a preeminent family law firm in Las Vegas for high-asset divorce cases, highly contested child custody cases and appeals. Comprised of Certified Divorce and Financial Analysts, Las Vegas Family Law Solutions has years of experience in analyzing complex financial cases and identifying the key issues.

Family Law Solutions was created to continue the firm’s commitment to providing the highest caliber service in every aspect of family law.


QDRO – because you might be S.O.L if you QDROn’t

QDRO – because you might be S.O.L if you QDROn’t

QDRO (usually pronounced “QUAD-ro”, or in French “Herbal Engineering” parlance “Quoi?  Dro”) is an acronym for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. A Domestic Relations Order is an order filed with the court in a divorce or legal separation case, and the qualified part...


I wanted to take a moment to highly recommend Josh Aronson. I worked with Josh when he advised me on some questions I had while putting together my Post Nuptial agreement with my wife. He was knowledgeable and very responsive which made this process a lot easier for us. I would definitely reach out to Josh again if I had any additional questions in the future or needed to put together a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement.


Josh was so great. He has an extremely analytical mind that catches the smallest details. He was assertive when needed and patient at the right time. Divorce is a challenging experience. With Josh advising me he helped me understand all the details. He even said when was the correct time to talk settlement and his timing was perfect.

Michael T.