Complex Financial Disclosure Form Preparation

EDCR 5.506(d) requires that a financial disclosure must be filed within two judicial days of the filing of any motion, countermotion, or opposition when a party requests any financial relief, including attorney’s fees. This makes the filing of a complete and accurate Financial Disclosure Form (“FDF”) more important than ever. Nevada rules of procedure also require all both parties to file FDF’s as an initial disclosure requirement in all divorce cases.

The Court uses these forms to calculate financial awards including child support, alimony, and attorney’s fees. If the opposing party underrepresents his or her income on their FDF, and you do not notice it, it could be a very expensive oversight.

Financial Disclosure Form Review – $350 flat fee

FDFs are very rarely completely accurate. Parties frequently miscalculate their income and deductions and these inaccuracies can have a dramatic impact on such things as the awards of child support, alimony, and attorney’s fees.

Family Law Solutions can prepare a report regarding the inaccuracies of the opposing party’s FDF, as well as showing calculations regarding alternative ways of calculating his or her income.

Financial Disclosure Form Preparation – $500 flat fee ($750 for complex case FDF)

It is also important to properly present a party’s income and expenses to the Court. Oftentimes, attorneys just allow their clients to handwrite an inaccurate FDF, and then submit it to the Court. This can harm a client’s case, particularly if they overstate their income or understate their expenses, and could even be a malpractice trap.

At Family Law Solutions, we can work with a party to fully and properly prepare their FDF to show his or her case in the best and most accurate light.

Expense or Income Analysis – hourly

In addition to other services related to FDFs, Family Law Solutions can go through bank and credit card records to do a more thorough analysis of a party’s exact income and expenses that appear in the statements.